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Steve Jones and John Fisher     


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New Home on the Range CD
New Home on the Range: our newest CD:

This CD pays tribute to three great singer-songwriters who are no long with us. It includes Doc Stovall's song, "New Home on the Range," Greg Scott's song, "Days of Riding With the Wind," and Locke Hamilton's song, "An Old Puncher's Prayer."

It also includes an original of Steve's that celebrates the silver screen and pays tribute to TV cowboys and their horses, "Cowboys and Horses," and a co-write with Les Buffam. Les wrote a poem, "Sportin' Cowboys," about the Cowboy Downhill, a ski race with rodeo cowboys, and Steve set it to music.

Songs Include:

New Home on the Range * Cowboys and Horses * Days of Riding with the Wind * Coytes Love My Cats * An Old Puncher's Prayer * The Risin' of the Moon * Sportin' Cowboys * Ponies * Dodge City * The River That Never Runs Dry * Ol' Joe Clark * The Ballad of FM Light * Whisky in the Jar * The Parting Glass

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Rick Huff review of New Home On the Range, Spring 2014 Western Way Magazine:

The Boys return with their eighth album, delivered as always with their popular brand of Line Camp Gusto!!

Doc Stovall gave the title track song to Steve Jones and John Fisher to record, knowing they would do it justice. Doc passed away before hearing their arrangement, but maybe hes listening even now. Im pretty sure hed be delighted! Including the Stovall track, the Yampas customary healthy splash of heartfelt and jovial Irish is present. Elsewhere are novelty tracks like “Cow- boys & Horses” (A trivia nuts dream! Its just what it says...pairing up big and small screen cowboys with the correct horse names).

Messrs. Jones & Fisher are aided and abetted by Michael Jonas (mandolin), Al “Doc” Mehl (cello) and multi-instrumentalist/recording engineer Steve Boynton. Strong one!! Fourteen tracks.


Thanks, for sending us a copy of your new CD. Once I started listening I couldn't stop. It is really good and thanks for the cover letter explaining the album. That gives us some info to pass-on to our listeners. I really miss seeing Locke Hamilton and Prickly Pair at the WMA Convention, they were special.
Special thanks to you and John for all your hard work.

Harvey & Me'lissa Turnbow
CLOUD 1610-AM "High Mountain Community Radio"
KLDE Oldies Radio

Great new album! Break a leg!!!

Al Krtil, WMA Regional Representative
Host “Sudzin Country/EARLY MORNING TRAILS”
WRSU-FM, New Brunswick, NJ

Second Guard CD

Second Guard, our seventh and best CD at the time it was new.

#8 Western Album on the March-April Rope Burns music chart!

It includes "Already Gone", a top ten song for 2010 in the Western Music Association, "House of Light", #7 Western Song on the March-April 2011 Rope Burns chart, several originals and some old favorites.

Songs include:

Already Gone * Second Guard * Colors Of The Fall * One Lonely Rider * My Pony Knows The Way * San Antonio Rose * Friends Around The Fire * Pancho and Lefty * I Ride An Old Paint * Sierry Petes * Early Snow * Callin' Of The Pipes * House Of Light.

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     Once again the Yampa Valley Boys ride in with a rustic, folksy winner! Warm as a wood fire, the CD starts off with Sandra Reay's WMA nominated Song Of The Year "Already Gone" (also present is her creation "One Lonely Rider"). For the title track the Yampa's Steve Jones has given Bruce Kiskaddon's poem "Second Guard" an appropriate musical setting.
     Other Jones originals on the CD "Colors Of The Fall" and "Callin Of The Pipes" should find favor with their fans. He and partner John Fisher are joined by Leon Littlebird on his "House Of Light," inspired by a Navajo poem. This particular track marks an interesting stylistic departure for the Yampas, who say they feel this disc represents some of their best work to date. I concur!
Rick Huff, The Western Way Magazine

The Yampa Valley Boys have done it again with a round-up of songs you might hear around the cow camp. Steve and John have obliged their fans by recording some of our favorites that they sing. The title track, Second Guard by Bruce Kiskaddon sets the feel of the whole CD. They've thrown in some old standards as well beloved by all like San Antonio Rose and Sierry Petes. I especially love the sounds of the banjo but they surprised me by including my other favorite, the highland pipes! You'll find more surprises in this collection sure to please any lover of the West.
Rex Rideout

That Irish Kid


That Irish Kid is Steve Jones' latest solo release. The general theme is about emigration from Ireland because of the potato famine to a new home in the American west and some things that may have happened." It includes three of Steve's original songs, two cover songs and several Irish traditional songs that fit the theme. Steve's originals are: That Irish Kid / Danny Boy (a poem that goes to the chorus of Danny Boy), Niña, and The Callin' of the Pipes.

Songs Include:

Carrickfergus (Intro) * The Galway Shawl * That Irish Kid / Danny Boy * Fields of Athenry * Moreton Bay * No Irish Need Apply * Niña * The Risin' of the Moon * The Reason I Left Mullingar * Oh, Danny Boy * Callin' of the Pipes * Carrickfergus

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      Steve Jones of the Yampa Valley Boys has gone solo!! Only for this one, he hastens to tell us! But with this one he becomes the latest Western artist to stitch using those strong Irish Cowboy threads, and the result is a heap o'music!
      Here we find lilting ballads, spritely jigs and a couple of deceptively uptempo tracks dealing with ugly social underpinnings…such as signs bearing the dread letters "NINA" (No Irish Need Apply)…and the confusion that ensues when our young Irish friend encounters the Mexican lassie called "Niña!"
      The CD is a mix of new originals, appropriate previously released but newly recorded Yampa tracks and some auld-ies but goodies! Five additional musicians create with Jones a suitable canvas on which to paint the green. One of them is John Fisher, the other Yampa Valley Boy. See? 'Told you they're not breaking up!
Rick Huff, The Western Way Magazine, Summer 2012

The Yampa Valley Boys at the Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering, performing Already Gone with the songwriter,  Sandy Reay


Here are THE BOYS, at the 2011 Colorado Cowboy Gathering, performing "Already Gone" with the songwriter, Sandy Reay.

(photo by
Reggie Barrett)


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Christmas Trail CD by the Yampa Valley Boys
The Christmas Trail: our first Christmas CD:

This CD contains 10 tracks including traditional Christmas songs and medleys, some songs with a very western Christmas feel, and some that will leave you smiling.

Rick Huff, writing for the Western Way Magazine, Fall 2009 issue, had this to say about The Christmas Trail:

The rustic folk feel and frailing banjo style of the Yampa Valley Boys could bring an extra homespun element to your holidays this year! Launching the collection with Don Edwards’ melodic treatment of the Badger Clark title track poem sets the tone well…[T]here are enough of the requisite standards…several of them put into a convenient package…as a medley. I’m thinking as the season approaches each year you’ll likely like to haul out The Christmas Trail to frail your way into the wassail!!

Songs Include:

The Christmas Trail * The Gift * Two-Step ‘Round the Christmas Tree * Christmas Medley — Deck the Halls, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Still, Still, Still and We Wish You A Merry Christmas * Mary’s Boy Child * Twelve Days of Cowboy Christmas * Corn, Water, And Wood * Colorado Christmas * Christmas Time’s A-Comin’* Silent Night

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Playin' Cowboy Music CD by the Yampa Valley Boys


Our fifth CD recording, Playin’ Cowboy Music has fourteen tracks with a mixture of original songs, and old favorites, in the traditional western style and western swing.


"The Boys have done it again! Playin' Cowboy Music is among my favorites this year, and it's a pleasure to add it to our playlists on The Western Music Channel."
— George Fair, President/Director of Programming, Heartland Public Radio.

"The Yampa Valley Boys' experience is an authentic pickin' & grinnin' fest. Their string of CD's are good rides with a certain neighborly nostalgic quality and this one will slip in comfortably into an adjoining stall with them!"
Rick Huff, "Best of the West Reviews" Rope Burns, Sept-Oct 2008 Issue.

Songs Include:

Colorado Swing * Cripple Creek * That Irish Kid * The Wire And The Rail * Colorado Trail * Desperado * Wyoming Wind * A Montana Cowboy’s String * Tumbling Tumbleweeds * The Cattle And The Train * Hamilton County Breakdown * Canadians * Miles And Miles Of Texas * Last Campfire

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Close to Home CD by the Yampa Valley BoysTHE YAMPA VALLEY BOYS 4th CD release, Close To Home, features six original songs, some old favorites and four tracks, recorded live "in concert" at Elizabeth, Colorado on September 9, 2006 with Brad & Kathy Fitch. We also added some three part harmony, with our good friend Brad Fitch. The fourth live track is our audience participation version of (Ghost) Riders In The Sky. The CD has reached #6 in the Academy of Western Artists, Top 10 Western Music Albums as reported in the Spring 2007 issue of Rope Burns. Steve's original song, Word Weaver, is listed at #7 on the Western Song Chart.


"Steve Jones and John Fisher have teamed up again to produce yet another intriguing collection of cowboy/Western songs. Steve's tenor leads are terrific, and John's harmonies, banjo pickin' and mandolin strummin' are superb...These guys are good. Their harmonies are melodious and tight, and their musicianship is impeccable. They deserve a serious listen."
— COWBOY MAGAZINE, Spring 2007.

"The fourth CD from the Yampa Valley Boys, Close to Home, presents a mixed bag of styles and material. Included are some originals that should be picked up by other artists... Also present is a vintage sounding, rustic, acoustic accompaniment with banjo played in the style called 'frailing'. This is the type of album that is best appreciated when taken en toto, track by track."

"I liked it so much I immediately played it again. Your harmonies are great. Your song selection is wonderful, both covers and originals. And your comedic timing is superb!"
— Sandy Reay, Musician, Songwriter, and Founder of AcousticByLines.

Songs Include:

Close to Home * Yampa Valley Curse * Eagles and Horses * Yellow Rose of Texas/Cindy,Cindy * Next to You * Which Way Ya Buckle * Word Weaver * Grandma's Feather Bed * Stay Cowboy * Bunkhouse Orchestra * The Way It Was * A Cowboy Has To Sing * Whispering Jesse * (Ghost) Riders in the Sky

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Back in the Saddle Again CD by the Yampa Valley BoysThe YAMPA VALLEY BOYS 3rd CD Back in the Saddle Again features 18 tracks of cowboy and western music, and poetry. Included are 4 songs and a poem written by Steve Jones. And of course the "Boys" have put their own energetic interpretation on both the new and old western "classics" on the CD.

LISTED AT #8 on the WESTERN MUSIC RATINGS "Western Music Album" June 20, 2005

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT "Back in the Saddle Again":

"Their latest CD contains 18 songs and poems (mostly songs), most of which are contemporary, but performed in the traditional style. One of my favorites is a traditional banjo instrumental (Old Joe Clark), four vocals that particularly impressed me. Andy Wilkinson's "The River that Never Runs Dry" Steve's "On the Run", Brenn Hill's "Burnin' Hair" and the traditional "Streets of Laredo".
O.J. Sikes, Rope Burns July/Aug 2005

"You'll like it. 'On The Run' is an excellent Steve Jones original.... Among the other great songs...are Jeffrey Bullock's 'Ponies', an instrumental version of 'Ol' Joe Clark', fabulously frailed on the banjo...by Fisher...."

Songs Include:

Back in the Saddle Again * On The Run * Ponies * Ol' Joe Clark * Bear River * The River That Never Runs Dry * When The Cottonwoods Are Yellow * Streets of Laredo * Burnin' Hair * The Cave * Matthew * The Ballad of FM Light * The Big Food Chain * Fourteen Cent Cowboy * Graves By The Side Of The Trail * Tradin' Horses * Night Riders Lament * The Trail

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Tales of the Trail CD by the Yampa Valley Boys


THE YAMPA VALLEY BOYS second CD Tales of the Trailfeatures 16 tracks including Blackberry Blossom, The Wagon Tongue, I am My Own Grandpa, Rindercella and many more."Tales of the Trail" was reviewed in the May 2004 issue of the Western Horseman.


"Traditional campfire tunes, songs by the likes of Red Steagall, and two originals...combine to create a fitting tribute to western music and the art of cowboy storytelling."
The Western Horseman, May 2004

John Fisher and Steve Jones say 'We are dedicated to preserving the cowboy way in song, story, and poem.' "They've done it. This is a very 'cowboy-sounding' CD that is worth listening to. It is loaded with traditional songs and poems as well as quality contemporary cowboy songs, including some original material."

Songs Include:

Wake Up Holler * Blackbery Blossom * Hittin the Trail Tonight * Wyoming Wind * The Wagon Tongue * Prairie Lullaby * Bear Ropin' Buckaroo * Colorado Trail/Git Along little Dogies/ I Ride an Old Paint * I'm my Own Grandpa * Romance of the Range * Alligator Shoes * Blue Prairie * Chopo * Rindercella * Buffalo Gals * The Farewell Song

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Save the Cowboy Again CD by the Yampa Valley Boys


The YAMPA VALLEY BOYS first CD, Save The Cowboy, was released in November 2001. The 12 tracks, including the title track, written by Steve Jones, represent traditional and contemporary cowboy music and poetry.

Songs Include:

Save The Cowboy * Angels Can Do No More * When The Work's All Done This Fall * The Gol-Durned Wheel * Nellie Kane * Old Cowboy's Lament * A Cowboy Has To Sing * Hamilton County Breakdown * The Girl I Left Behind * The Ol' Double Diamond * Bronco Twister Prayer * (Ghost) Riders In The Sky

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Banjo Buckaroo CD by John Fisher


John Fisher's solo CD BANJO BUCKAROO was released in March 2000. He plays 5 String Banjo in the frailing style, 6 String Banjo, and guitar. The 14 tracks include traditional songs and poems, along with arrangements of cowboy songs written by some of his heroes. Five of the tracks are poetry readings.

Songs Include:

Back In The Saddle * Bunkhouse Orchestra * Sierry Petes * Columbine * Cowboy & the Lady * Little Joe, The Wrangler * Old Cowboy's Lament * Camp Cook * Which Way Ya Buckle * Pecos River Queen * No Horses In Heaven? * An Old Puncher's Prayer * Colorado Cowboy * Ride Around


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