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     Steve Jones & John Fisher
Yampa Valley Boys:  Steve Jones, John Fisher, cowboy music
Steve Jones and John Fisher     


Some of our fun in 2016:

wedding music
music for a wedding in Steamboat Springs
Colorado Cowboy Gathering members concert at the Railroad Museum in Golden
emtertaining the CCG members at the Railroad Museum in Golden
with Liz Masterson

January 21, 2015 This Just In!

The Western Way reports spins by DJ's for western music. In 2014, the Yampa Valley Boys were #37 in the top 100 western artists played; #30 in contemporary western artists played and New Home On The Range was #23 in the top 100 albums played.


As 2014 comes to an end, here are some of the highlights of a good year:

  • January—THE BOYS released their 8th CD album, NEW HOME ON THE RANGE. It charted at #11 in the summer issue and #26 in the autumn issue of The Western Way.
  • February—THE BOYS played the main stage at the Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering.
  • July—THE BOYS played the Augusta (Georgia) Outdoor Expo; county fairs; played a show in Steamboat with Juni Fisher.
  • August—THE BOYS played at many great county fairs, including a great run at the Richland County (MT) Fair;
  • September—THE BOYS entertained a Gold Star Parents gathering in Steamboat.
  • November/December—THE BOYS traveled on three corporate promotional trips with the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation to Dallas, TX, Reston, VA and Seattle, WA (see news article below). We are looking to do more shows for corporate organizations in the coming year.

"Second Guard" was #41 on the list of the 100 Most Played Cowboy / Western Albums of 2011!

The Yampa Valley Boys were #52 on the list of 100 Most Played Cowboy / Western Artists of 2011!

Steamboat Corp float July 4 2015
The BOYS on the Steamboat Corporation float
July 4, 2015
The Yampa Valley Boys at the Bar Lazy L Sleigh Ride, Feb. 2015
The BOYS winter home venue--the Bar Lazy L sleigh ride

From STEAMBOAT TODAY, Thursday, Nov. 27, 2014
"Airline marketing program takes band on the road"

"Steamboat's premier Western music duo, the Yampa Valley Boys, will pack up their guitar cases early next month and head to Dallas, Texas, where they have a gig opening for Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. marketing officials at St. Bernard Sports ski shop."

Steamboat Today Nov. 27, 2014, corporate organization
REI corporate event Washington CD Dec 2014 with friends

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THE BOYS at an REI Store, Washington DC, Dec 2014,
for a marketing event for Steamboat Ski and Resort
Corporation, where they meet some new friends


THE BOYS recently welcomed Juni Fisher to Steamboat for a show at the historic Chief Theater. We had a delightful evening
swapping songs on stage.

Yampa Valley Boys with Juni Fisher, Steamboat Springs Colorado, August 2014
Yampa Valley Boys with Elaine Hanson and LInda Hill at the Richland County Fair, Sidney Montana

We just got back from Sidney, Montana and the Richland County Fair where we met two new fans, Elaine Hanson and Linda Hill. They attended most of the twelve sets that we did at the Fair.


Oakleys Sundance Mountain Lodge Monument CO
April 24, 2014

(photos by Bill Patterson)

Oakleys Sundance Mountain Lodge Monument CO Steve Jones

Oakleys Sundance Mountain Lodge Monument CO John Fisher

Oakleys Sundance Mountain Lodge Monument CO Yampa Valley Boys

REI Seattle, Yampa Valley Boys

John Fisher and Steve Jones in Seattle at the new REI store

THE BOYS in Seattle at the new REI store, December, 2013,
a marketing event for for Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation

The Yampa Valley Boys at the Arizona Folklore Preserve, Feb. 2013
THE BOYS at the Arizona Folklore Preserve, Feb. 2013
Yampa Valley Boys, Gold Bar Room Theater, Imperial Hotel, Cripple Creek, August, 2013
THE BOYS at the Gold Bar Room Theater, Imperial Hotel, August 2013
The Yampa Valley Boys wanted at the 2013 Wyoming State Fair
at the 2013 Wyoming State Fair
Yampa Valley Boys at 2013 Great American Horse Drive
THE BOYS entertaining during the Friday Steak Fry at the Sombrero Ranch 2013 Great American Horse Drive


Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering

Jan 19, 2013

(photos by Reggie Ruth Barrett)

THE BOYS with Jon Chandler, Skip Gorman, and Ernie Martinez



THE BOYS with Doc Mehl and Sandy Reay

Cowboy Church, Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Jan 2013

Cowboy Church

Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering

Jan 20, 2013

(photo by Betsy Woodbury)


THE BOYS playing at the 50th Birthday Party for the Steamboat Ski Area, outside at the Skier loading area. Did I mention that the air temperature was 5 Degrees F above Zero? We did a second show the following day at -8 F.

Steamboat Ski Area 50th Birthday Party
THE BOYS on stage at the Western Music Association Friday Night Opry, Albuquerque NM Nov. 18, 2011 (photos by Sandy Reay)
Western Music Association Opry
Pop Wagner and Carol Heuchan join the Yampa
                  Valley Boys
THE BOYS having fun at the 2011 Colorado Cowboy Gathering,
with Pop Wagner and Carol Heuchan helping out. (photo by Bill Patterson)
Sandy Reay, Steve Jones, John Fisher, Al
                  "Doc" Mehl perform "Already Gone"
Colorado Cowboy Gathering 2011.
The Boys are performing with Sandy Reay (bass), and Doc Mehl (Cello).
Sandy wrote two of the songs on our Second Guard CD. (photo by Reggie Barrett )

We will be doing the Bar Lazy L sleigh ride dinners again this winter, as well as other events. Check out our Calendar for our upcoming schedule.

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We are often asked about the difference between country music and western music. Western Music is “the artistic science of creating vocal and instrumental sounds to produce harmony and expression of emotion through beauty of form relating to living in, origination from, or descriptively representing the historical, imagined or present American West, its landscape, lifestyle or its inhabitants”.

THE BOYS are a big hit at wedding rehearsal dinners and family reunions, regardless of whether there is a western theme. Their music provides a great "ice-breaker" when the families and friends of the bride and groom first meet. They can also provide music for the ceremony and reception, especially if there is a western theme."

Need a theme song for your business or organization, or a personal tribute song? Check out the theme song for Six Gun For Hire at www.sixgunforhire.com.  We met these fellows at one of our shows in Ashland, NE. Great bunch of fellows! We have also done two separate radio spots for FM Light & Sons, a tribute song for an associate of FM Light’s, and a song describing every ski run at the Steamboat ski area. For more information, contact Steve.


Reviews of our other CD’s are contained on “our music” page.

                        McCartney, Locke Hamilton, Bill Barwick, Steve
                        Jones, Les Hamilton, John Fisher The is an overall picture of the great stage setting at Arvada 2010. While we performed, Steve ”Mac” McCartney, Locke Hamilton, Bill Barwick, and Les Hamilton graced the stage and offered encouragement.
Rick and Rickie in Yampa Valley Boys
Some of our closest friends are also our biggest fans! Note the Yampa Valley Boys hats on Rick and Rickie Thompson of Sierra Vista, AZ.
Through the years we have had the pleasure of performing at festivals with:

Yampa Valley Boys at the
                  Arvada Cowboy Poetry Gathering, with Juni Fisher, Andy
                  Nelson, Ann Sochat, D.W. Grothe, Yvonne Hollenbeck


(l-r) John, Juni Fisher, Andy Nelson, Steve, Ann Sochat, DW Grothe, and Yvonne Hollenbeck. (Thanks to Yvonne for the photo)


Yampa Valley
                  Boys at Estes Park Cowboy Poetry Gathering with Baxter
                  Black, Brad & Kath=y Fitch


(L-R) Brad & Kathy Fitch, Baxter Black, John and Steve


                  Mitchell with the Yampa Valley Boys, Estes Park


Waddie Mitchell

                  Fisher, and SteveJones flank Prickly Pear and the
                  Cactus Choral


The Yampa Valley Boys backstage with Prickly Pair and the Cactus Chorale at the Grand Olde West Days, Craig, CO. (L-R John, Norman, Les, Locke, and Steve). Jeep, the wonder dog, had to get in the shot also.

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